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Educational Objectives


Learn how to help people unleash their inner beauty by training as a cosmetologist at Jacksonville Health & Beauty School. Our cosmetology school in Jacksonville, FL, provides the training necessary to obtain a state license. The full course is 1,200 hours. Other training programs are also available for student interested in diversifying their professional skill sets. Enroll in our academy today to begin learning a fun and fulfilling marketable skill.

The objective of our cosmetology program is to train you in the skills necessary to meet the competencies for examination by the State Board of Cosmetology. Likewise, we prepare you for employment in the various avenues in the field, such as stylist, colorist, product demonstrator, salon manager, or salon owner.

Supply List

For Our Cosmetology Courses

Super Fitted Kit with Tote Bag

      • Super Style Comb – 1 Each

      • Duck Bill Clips – 1 Box

      • Pin Curl Clips (Double Prong) – 1 Box

      • Hair Shaper – 1 Each

      • Tie-String Shampoo Cape – 1 Each

      • Long Blue Cold Wave Rods 1 Dozen

      • Long Pink Cold Wave Rods – 1 Dozen   

      • Golden Magic Hair Style Kit – 1 Each     

      • Hot Curling Brushes (Medium) – 1 Each

        • Hot Curling Brushes (Large) – 1 Each

      • Jacket – 1 Each
      • 3/4” Chrome Curling Iron – 1 Each
      • Aristocrat Comb Set – 10 Pieces
      • Styling Comb – 1 Dozen
      • Fine Tail Comb – 1 Dozen
      • Roller Rack (12 Dozen) – 1 Each
        • Roller Rack Zipper Bag – 1 Each
        • Hair Country 1250 Watt Dryer – 1 Each
    • S153 Manikin and H-222 Holder – 1 Each           

    • Large 100% Nylon Black Tote – 1 Each

  • Wahl Clipper/Trimmer Tape 2000 – 1 Kit

  • Scalpmaster Contour Neck – 7 Rows

  • Debra Manikin – 1 Each

  • Spray Bottle – 1 Each

  • Tease Brush – 1 Each

  • Bobby Pins – 1 Pack


Cosmetology School Costs


Invest in your education to achieve your career goals in the beauty industry. The total cost for our cosmetology program is just $3,900.00. We make paying easy with our $800.00 down payment followed by small monthly payments of $400.00. The cost breakdown is as follows:

    • Registration – $200.00 (Non-Refundable)

    • Tuition – $3,200.00

    • Supplies/Books – $500.00

Talk to our cosmetology school staff if you have any questions about our program costs or the program itself. We want our training to be accessible to as many people as possible, so we are happy to work with you to set up a payment plan and a class schedule that works for you.

Contact our cosmetology school to find out more about the opportunities available to you. Our school serves students and clients in Jacksonville, Florida.

5161 Beach Blvd,
Ste 1&2
Jacksonville, FL 32207
Mon-Thu: 9:00AM – 5:00PM
Fri, Sat, Fri: closed

Kickstart your new career by contacting our academy for more details on our cosmetology school courses. Our school serves students and clients in Jacksonville, Florida.

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